[aur-general] Makepkg does not include one file

Dan Vratil progdan at progdansoft.com
Thu Aug 21 19:21:33 EDT 2008

Hi, that's me again...
I have a problem with makepkg...when making tarball for the nvidia-utils-beta 
package, I just enter the folder and run 'makepkg --source', which packs all 
files from 'source' +PKGBUILD into the tarball....
In nvidia-utils-beta, there is 'supported-cards.txt' file. When I use 'makepkg 
--source', it says

 -> Adding supported-cards.txt...

But when I unpack the created tarball, there is just a symlink, which probably 
links itself.

When I make the tarball manually using tar and gzip, everything works...this 
is extremely strange - it was always working, I don't understand what has 

Please, any ideas?

Thanks, Dan

Dan Vrátil
progdan at progdansoft.com
ICQ 249163429
Jabber progdan at jabber.cz
Tel. +420 732 326 870

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