[aur-general] e17 packages

Ronald van Haren pressh at gmail.com
Thu Aug 21 19:42:23 EDT 2008


This mail is intended for all e17 users, as well as people maintaining
packages which depend on the e17 community packages.

The people over at enlightenment thought it was a good idea to swith
from CVS to SVN, rendering all PKGBUILDs more or less useless (the
switch was completed at the 18th of August).

What does this mean:
- all community packages have been renamed to the new naming
convention (all except e-modules-extra-svn have only changed from -cvs
to -svn

- in the progress of converting the PKGBUILDs two more packages have
been included in [community], namely ewl-svn and elitaire-svn

- if everything goes as planned the upgrade should be relatively
painless except for the ones having additional AUR packages installed
with an explicit dependency on a -cvs package instead of a dependency
on the provides line which have always been there. In this case I
suggest to remove these packages before the upgrade, and compile them
with new depends after the upgrade. There is no need to force as you
should need to rebuld those anyways ;)

- for people maintaining packages from the official enlightenment
mirrors, please change your packages to incorporate the switch to SVN.
For the ones maintaining packages depending on any of the e17
community packages, be aware that the naming has changed.

- the installation instructions are updated in the wiki (same as
before only -svn instead of -cvs).



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