[aur-general] Hello (and kbib and yazpp packages)

Peter Lewis prlewis at letterboxes.org
Sun Aug 24 06:21:00 EDT 2008


I'm pretty new to Arch, so thought I'd say hi.

Also, I appear to have got involved in making pkgbuilds pretty soon too :-) I've taken over maintainership of KBib (a KDE bibliography manager) in the AUR, after an email exchange with the previous maintainer, who's no longer using Arch. I also had to create a pkgbuild for a depdenency, yaz++, the C++ bindings (so far as I can tell) for yaz, which is in community. They're both there under my name (petelewis) if anyone's interested. I'm not sure if the yaz maintainer might be interested in this...

Anyway, so just thought I'd say hi, and if anyone has any feedback on these first two packages, that'd be much appreciated.



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