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Wed Dec 3 04:15:06 EST 2008

I inherited two of the ones you list.  And I have not (yet) changed them. Is
there a problem with them in some way that you feel they are low quality ?
Could you be specific ? The third one has nothing wrong with it as it works.
i.e. The jbidwatcher one I did a little fixing on. IS there a  problem with
it too ? It is quite easy to saythe things you have said, but you offer me
no objective reason for what you are saying.

As for the rest of you have to say, it is hard for me to follow you. I gave
two examples of where I have helped out on PKGBUILDs that are not mine. Yet
you say I am not helping. (And you cut the quote form me off before those
paragraphs, so it appears that I am not helping out.)

I ALSO do not understand you when you say "..you (the TU's) have proven that
you are not capable of getting the best results from the resources you got."
How can that be so ? What you go on to say I do not understand. If it is not
being used right because there are packages YOU wish to see placed in it,
then that means we need more TUs. I am left to assume that you are willing
to become a TU and help with the effort. If not, then the rest of what you
say becomes merely a rant.

And NO the devs should have NO SAY in what is going on. If they want to
adopt PKGBUILDs from the aur they can on their own. Nothing stopping them
from doing so. The TU system was NOT designed, on purpose btw, to mimic what
they do. As an interesting point; There was discussion of whether it was
smart to allow a dev. to also be a TU. Devs, at that time did not seem to
care, but some TUs thought it unwise. Frankly I saw no problem with that at
the time. I may have been VERY wrong.


Bob Finch

P.S.... to save some time, please just write to me privately with what your
problems with those three packages you mentioned are. I will politely try to
find time in the next few days to review, in detail, your concerns. There is
little to no reason for you to have to that publicly. In fact I always try
to do such critiques privately. And I do help out with that often.
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