[aur-general] Proposed rules for packages entering [community]

Kristoffer Fossgård kfs1 at online.no
Wed Dec 3 16:15:23 EST 2008

Why is package popularity judged by votes anyway? I never vote. The
reason i never vote is because i don't understand why package
popularity can't simply be judged by download count. I know there's
been some discussion of this topic earlier but as far as i can recall
there were no convincing arguments against it. even if some moron
decides to download his package more times to increase the chance of
adoption(where would the motivation to do this be anyway? if he simply
want's to get it in the pacman system for easier maintenance a simple
guide to make your own repository and add it to pacman would remove
this incurrence in 99% of cases) the TU's and Devs could still choose
to not include the package in the repos. This could also largely be
avoided by only counting i guess certain ip ranges(i'm not an expert on
these things, but i DO know that counting downloads with some level of
security is a common occurence on the net)

That is if the other suggestion in this thread doesn't get implemented
and TU's and devs are actually free to choose which packages they want
to adopt. To me - that seems important - because where's the motivation
to maintain a package which you doesn't use? Maybe the motivation is to
make a better arch? somehow i doubt this one will matter much in the
daily lives of the devs and TU's when they have to take time out of
their private schedules to do something that is essentially non-work
non-paid. So I think motivation is something that should be encouraged
so things doesn't seem to much like work..

So i guess what i'm saying is, why create policy around a flawed
system? why not try to fix the core of the problem instead of patching
it up?


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