[aur-general] Proposed rules for packages entering [community]

kludge drkludge at rat-patrol.org
Wed Dec 3 20:23:40 EST 2008

kludge wrote:
> Loui Chang wrote:
>> On Wed, Dec 03, 2008 at 10:15:23PM +0100, Kristoffer Fossgård wrote:
>>> Why is package popularity judged by votes anyway? I never vote. The
>>> reason i never vote is because i don't understand why package
>>> popularity can't simply be judged by download count.
>> Votes are a conscious approval of a package. Downloads are not.
> explicit downloads sure are... unless you like to play pacman roulette,
> i guess.
> but i don't.  if it's explicitly installed, it's because i wanted the
> damn thing.
> -kludge

sorry, that obviously only applies to [community] and to the aur.  but
it still applies to [community].


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