[aur-general] Proposed rules for packages entering [community]

Kristoffer Fossgård kfs1 at online.no
Thu Dec 4 03:54:26 EST 2008

>On Wed, Dec 03, 2008 at 10:15:23PM +0100, Kristoffer Fossgård wrote:
>> Why is package popularity judged by votes anyway? I never vote. The
>> reason i never vote is because i don't understand why package
>> popularity can't simply be judged by download count.
>Votes are a conscious approval of a package. Downloads are not.
Your all missing my point. I never said counting packages by
downloadrate is a perfect solution but that IT IS GOOD ENOUGH _and_

Think about it, the times a user downloads a package because he WANTS
the package far superceeds the times a user downloads a package because
he might just want to check it out, this goes for every user, thus
making the system work.

And what goes for "conscious" vs "unconscious"; if i get another
package as a dep to a package i most likely WANT, I _want_ it. Even
though i just want to test it out that is *interest*!(and i can't
rememer last time i did this..)
>We have mirrors. Almost 100 of them. Feel free to contact them all,
>have them write code to count downloads which then sends the stats to
>us, and then we can implement this.

Put the counting algorithm directly into pacman then and then do
the same for aur. Problem solved.

The alternative here is putting another burden on users which they
surely will not follow up on(thus making the system not work anyway) and
also burdening the devs and TU's with unneccesary policy they don't


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