[aur-general] Circle that A

kludge drkludge at rat-patrol.org
Thu Dec 4 13:19:19 EST 2008

Aaron Griffin wrote:
> Keep that in mind - the people
> doing work *for you* to make your lives easier, want some moderation
> on this system before it gets out of hand. People will *always* abuse
> a system with no rules.

wow, can't believe this thread is still running on this subject line.

back to my original intent: i think it's entirely fair (and often
*necessary*) to establish concrete systems to regulate the use of shared
resources.  and of course those most familiar with the whys and
wherefores of these resources should get special consideration for their
intimate knowledge of the challenges to hand.

that said, if the holders of the reins have already decided how to
proceed, they should go on and proceed.  if they want the input of the
affected community, it's dishonest to dismiss that input.

we're debating how to use the available metrics to tune the management
of [community].  there is an outstanding and unanswered concern with the
accuracy of those metrics.  it seems to me that folks will not be happy
with the proposal until that concern is resolved.  so can anyone either
 (concretely) answer that concern or (concretely) propose better metrics?


p.s: i'm participating in the hopes of facilitating actual consensus on
this.  if that's not welcome, let me know and i'll sod off.

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