[aur-general] Voting period - Rules governing packages entering [community]

Allan McRae allan at archlinux.org
Mon Dec 8 03:54:50 EST 2008

Hi TUs,

This starts the seven day voting period for the proposed rules for 
packages entering the [community] repo.  Voting is being done on the AUR 
interface, last 7 days and will require a quorum of 75%.

For your reference:


* Only "popular" packages may enter the repo, as defined by 1% usage 
from pkgstats or 10 votes on the AUR.

* Automatic exceptions to this rule are:
- i18n packages
- accessibility packages
- drivers
- dependencies of packages who satisfy the definition of popular, 
including makedeps and optdeps
- packages that are part of a collection and are intended to be 
distributed together, provided a part of this collection satisfies the 
definition of popular

* Any additions not covered by the above criteria must first be proposed 
on the aur-general mailing list, explaining the reason for the exemption 
(e.g. renamed package, new package). The agreement of three other TUs is 
required for the package to be accepted into [community]. Proposed 
additions from TUs with large numbers of "non-popular" packages are more 
likely to be rejected.

* TUs are strongly encouraged to move packages they currently maintain 
from [community] if they have low usage. No enforcement will be made, 
although resigning TUs packages may be filtered before adoption can occur.

[end proposal]


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