[aur-general] Account Type On AUR

Callan Barrett wizzomafizzo at gmail.com
Wed Dec 10 10:52:13 EST 2008

Can everyone who is a developer and a Trusted User set their account
types on the AUR to Trusted User rather than developer. At this point
there are only two differences between a TU and a dev on the AUR: your
title and the ability to make other people developers. Right now the
stats are some arbitrary number on the front page and I have to rely
on a wiki page for an accurate number of TUs which is ridiculous. I
also have to allow developers to vote on the TU interface which also
seems stupid to me even if we should trust developers.

At this point the only reason a TU/dev should be a developer on the
AUR is because they don't know why or they're in an epenis measuring
contest with each other so please change your account and fix the
stats (or give me an incredible reason for being a dev).


Callan Barrett

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