[aur-general] bfinch - Was: [arch-dev-public] pkgstats and repo cleanup

Daenyth Blank daenyth+arch at gmail.com
Thu Dec 18 20:47:12 EST 2008

2008/12/18 Allan McRae <allan at archlinux.org>:
> Ondřej Kučera wrote:
>> Hi,
>> Allan McRae wrote:
>>> Daenyth Blank wrote:
>>>> Bob (Finch) asked for his community packages to be removed. I wrote a
>>>> little script to help with it. It's not documented and has some rough
>>>> edges, but it should give you a nice base to hack on. Enjoy :)
>>> Two things here...
>>> Did Bob quit as a TU or just pulled all his packages from the repo?
>>> And, I do not see many of his old packages in the AUR.   e.g. fldigi,
>>> fdlog.  Is that accidental?
>> What does removing from community mean (in this case), anyway? Just moving
>> from community to unsupported or REALLY removing altogether? If the latter
>> is the case, should that be done? Is a maintainer (now I'm talking mainly
>> about TUs) really actually an owner in the sense that he/she can decide to
>> just delete PKDBUILDs of his/her packages? (I'm sorry if I'm misreading it
>> all but such a possibility scares me a bit.)
> It should mean moving them from [community] to the AUR, which is why I am
> querying what happened to a few of these packages.  But, the PKGBUILDs for
> anything that was in [community] can always be recovered from CVS.
> Allan

He said before that he was planning to resign, I don't know his
current plans. He wanted his packages removed entirely and he deleted
any in unsupported that he had made. I think the reason was that
previously when others had adopted his packages, they removed his
contributor data and replaced it with theirs, and he didn't want that
happening again. When I said that I would move the community ones to
unsupported he asked that I wait until they were set up on his
personal repo for his distro. Those aren't the full details, but
should summarize.

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