[aur-general] TU Removal - Bob Finch

Allan McRae allan at archlinux.org
Fri Dec 19 07:32:23 EST 2008

w9ya wrote:
> FACT : Daenyth wrote this to Allan in reference to Allan's question 
> about what was going on:
> "He said before that he was planning to resign,...." (He equals me.)

FACT: Planning does not equate to doing.

FACT: Attempting to remove all traces of your packages just because you 
wrote them is not acceptable

FACT: I felt you needed restricted in your ability to remove packages 
from the AUR asap.

FACT: The way to achieve this was to call for your removal as a TU.

> FACT : Across several emails I kept asking this:
> "Your calling for my removal while you knew I am preparing my 
> resignation remains in poor taste."

FACT:  That is not a question.  Probably why you got no response.

> FACT :
> ".... only Trusted Users can delete packages from the AUR ."
> I was a TU when I asked Daenyth to remove my community repo packages. 
> This was NOT violation of rules by his own admission. Yet he sought to 
> remove me and lied in the process. He lied to you.

FACT:  This was never about removal of packages from [community].  It 
was about them either not being put in the AUR afterwards or removing 
them from the AUR.

> If any of you have any respect for honesty and fair play, you will 
> allow me to follow Aaron G.'s wishes for relocating the packages I 
> have contributed to a separate repo.

LIKELY FACT:  Aaron did not ask you to remove them from the AUR or 
exclude them from being put there after removal from [community].  So I 
would be careful about statements you imply others made.

FACT:  Having packages in the AUR in no way hinders you having them in 
your own repo.


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