[aur-general] storming in for no reason with crazy ideas

eliott eliott at cactuswax.net
Sun Dec 21 22:38:52 EST 2008


Long time reader, first time poster (in quite a while).
I was bored today, so I read through some of the mailing list archive. Whew!

Anyway, I had one of those crazy ideas that is, well, crazy. As this
is the internet and I have some free time, allow me to subject you all
to my crazy idea! Hooray!


Why not move towards separating the duties of the current AUR system
from the duties of the TU system. I propose making the TUs 'associate
arch devs', and having them use the main arch repository system, but
in a reduced security/permission role. Something like TUs getting
access to community only, like they have now..but using the same dev
tools system as the mainline devs, having community just be 'another
repo' in the main site interface (just like extra and core).

Sure it will take a bit of effort, but it would streamline some
processes for sure!

 - TUs wouldn't be as autonomous as they historically have been. This
could be good or bad, but putting it in the 'bad' category, because
people fear change..and this is a change.
 - It would take _some amount_ more than 0 value of effort to get the
TUs into the mainline dev system.

 - Less tools to support, as the TUs would then use the same dev tools
as devs, but with limited permissions.
 - Process streamline
 - Clearer path for migration from 'associate dev' to 'dev'. Just flip
a bit in the permissions for the devtools, and they can now move
packages to extra or core, etc.
 - Decouple community from the AUR. The AUR would then 'be its own
bag'. Leaving end user voting as a guide for moving packages into
community (or not..whatever), then packages in community would
disappear from the aur when they were adopted into community.
 - Greater visibility for community repository. It is already included
by default, so it should be treated as such... a vital component to
the overall arch ecosystem.
 - Future AUR rewrites or refactoring would be greatly simplified.
 - The existing TU toolchain and server daemon can be jettisoned into
the abyss, to live with other lovecraftian horrors.

So there you have it.
Talk amongst yourselves.
I will be over here..hiding in the shrubbery.

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