[aur-general] disowning a few packages

M. Rawash mrawash at gmail.com
Mon Dec 22 01:35:49 EST 2008

I'm going to disown a few packages that I'm no longer interested in
maintaining. most of them are up-to-date and work properly, so you don't
have to do any work right away, here's the list:

- empathy
- libtelepathy
- telepathy-mission-control
- desktop-data-model
- hippo-canvas
- online-desktop
- bigboard
- gadmin-httpd
- gnac
- perl-data-dumper
- perl-weather-com
- perl-html-calendarmonthsimple
- mm

ok, i lied about the "few" bit :P

I'll reclaim some of these packages if none adopted them within a week,
but expect their quality to drop significantly since i won't be testing
any of them beyond successful builds..

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