[aur-general] [DISCUSSION] filoktetes

Ronald van Haren pressh at gmail.com
Thu Feb 14 04:51:48 EST 2008

As suggested by Callan, I will first start an open discussion about
this subject.

I tried to contact filoktetes for the last couple of weeks, first on
30th of January, after which I started a ping thread for him about a
week after that, and contacted him by private mail three days ago. As
he did never respond, I think it is time to take action.

So what is the deal...
- he missed the last 4 votes, which is by definition enough to start a
removal discussion
- currently 11 out of his 35 packages our out of date
- he did never say he is inactive (AFAIK), though he seems not to reply

He did update 2 packages on 31th of January, which is 1 day after my
first mail. The last update before that dates from the 8th of

I do not have anything against him personally, but I think this kind
of behavior hurts the [community] repo, and the AUR in general.

Please discuss!

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