[aur-general] bacula package

kalos kalos at autistici.org
Tue Jan 1 16:05:58 EST 2008

Il 1/1/2008 11:32 Gour ha scritto:
> Thank you for your attempt to bring bacula packge up-to-date.
> I'm installing it at the moment, but see that it has mysql deps.
> Will it be possible to remove mysql dep and just inform user to install
> some database back-end 'cause  Bacula can use either MySQL, PostgreSQL
> or even SQLite, although, I agree, configuring Bacula with different
> back-ends involve some extra hacking?

No, it's no possible, because bacula must have a database library in build 
IMHO the KISS solution is write 3 different PKGBUILD..
ex: 'bacula' packet have a _standard_ depend db: mysql, 'bacula-sqlite' have 
sqlite db etc..

Another important question is the PKGBUILD of the various clients: bconsole 
(text), bat(qt4+qwt), gconsole(gnome/gtk) and wxconsole(wxWindget)

I try to write PKGBUILD for various db backend and for all clients .. 

Have patience it's my first AUR packet ;)

(ehm.. sorry for my english! )

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