[aur-general] State of community64

Eric Belanger belanger at ASTRO.UMontreal.CA
Thu Jan 3 21:30:11 EST 2008


I would to bring to your attention the current state of the x86_64 
community repo. There are currently over 100 x86_64 packages out-of-date 
compared to the i686 ones 
(http://dev.archlinux.org/~andyrtr/pkg_diff.html) . Out of curiosity, how 
many TUs with a x86_64 machine are active? More precisely, are you 
checking the package diff list on a more or less daily basis to keep the 
two repo in sync? I have the impression that I was pretty much the only 
one doing that in the last few months.

To help keeping the x86_64 repo in sync, I would recommend any TU without 
an x86_64 machine to ask Aaron for access on his x86_64 build machine. I'm 
not sure to what degree the packages can be tested on the build machine 
but several devs and TU are already using it. Nonetheless, if the build 
machine would be used, at the very least, for arch-independent packages 
(e.g. i18n, docs pkg), perl and python modules and non-critical packages 
(e.g. games, xfce-svn plugin, etc) that would reduce the workload for the 
x86_64 TUs.

I don't mind helping out with the occasional x86_64 build or with 
problems/bugs only on x86_64.  But would like to reduce that to a minimum 
as it's quite time-consuming.


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