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Ronald van Haren pressh at gmail.com
Fri Jan 4 04:32:37 EST 2008

Hi all!

I just took a look at the orphaned packages in community. I must say, they
are quite a few (68, I added the full list at the end of this mail).

If any of these belong to you and you did forget to adopt it after
uploading, please do so now. If you did upload one of these and lost
interest in it, please move it either to unsupported or post it in this
thread so someone else can adopt it.

In about a week time I will post the remaining list of orphaned packages at
that time, so anyone interested (or needed as a dep) can adopt one of those.
The rest I will move to unsupported a week or so after that. If you think
the time schedule I mentioned is too short, please let me know so I can
change it.

Best regards,


The full list of 68 orphaned packages in community:

aoeui 1.0.0-1                    the lightweight, unobtrusive,
Dvorak-optimized editor
basilisk 1.0-4                    A free, portable Mac II emulator with JIT
bitterbpp 1.6-4                    A program to backup DVDs to matroska
byzanz 0.1.1-4                    A desktop recorder that records to GIF
childsplay 0.85.1-2                A suite of educational games for young
childsplay-plugins 0.85.2-1        Additional games for childsplay
codeine 1.0.1-2                    A simple, smart xine video player for KDE
cowbell                An elegant music orgainzer
divx4linux 6.1.1-1                DivX libraries (nonfree)
e 0.16.999.039-1                    Enlightenment Window Manager,
Development Release 17
ecore                Event Abstraction and Modular Convenience
edb-devel            Database Convenience Library wrapped around
the Berkeley DB
edje                    Interface Abstraction Library and
eet                    Distribution Container Library and Tools
efreet                An implementation of several
specifications from freedesktop.org intended for use in Enlightenment DR17
(e17) and other applications using the Enlightenment Foundation Libraries
embryo                Embeddable Scripting Language
emotion                Video Smart-Object Library for Evas
entice                Image Viewer using Enlightenment
Foundation Libraries
entrance                Enlightenment Display Manager
epeg                    JPEG Thumbnailing Library
epsilon                Thumbnailing Library compliant with
Freedesktop.org Standard
esmart                A Collection of Evas Smart Objects
etk                    Etk is a toolkit based on the EFL
evas                    Enlightened Canvas Library
ewl                    Enlightenment Widget Library
e_dbus                Wrappers around dbus to ease integrating
dbus with EFL based applications
freetype1 1.3.1-4                TrueType font rendering library
fvwm-themes-devel 0.7.0-3        Development themes for fvwm
gimpshop 2.2.11-4                A modified Gimp that features menu layouts
and naming conventions similar to those in Photoshop.
glitz 0.5.6-1                    OpenGL image compositing library
gnomesu 0.3.1-5                    A program that allows a user to su to
root in a Gnome environment.
gourmet 0.13.4-2                    A simple but powerful recipe-managing
gpsdrive 2.10pre4-1                A car (bike, ship, plane) navigation
gtk2+extra 2.1.1-1                GtkExtra is a useful set of widgets for
creating GUI's for the Xwindows system using GTK+
gtk2hs                A GTK+2 binding for Haskell (prerelease)
gtubeclock 0.9.1-3                A nixie tube style clock for X.
haskell-binary 0.2-1            Efficient, pure binary serialisation using
lazy ByteStrings for Haskell
imlib2-devel            Image Rendering and Manipulation Library
imlib2_loaders        Image Loaders for Imlib2
kdedecor-crystalgl 0.8.1-1        Transparent window decoration theme with a
simple design and OpenGL-based effects
kdenlive-svn 1727-1                A video editing GUI for KDE using the MLT
video framework.
last-exit 5-1                    A last.fm player
libconfig 1.1.3-1                C/C++ Configuration File Library
libggi 2.2.2-1                    GGI graphics library
libgii 1.0.1-2                    GGI input handling library
libpq++ 4.0-2                    C++ bindings for PostgreSQL
lirc-xmms-plugin 1.4-1            XMMS LIRC plugin
metakit                MetaKit is an efficient database library
with a small footprint
mowitz 0.3.1-1                    This is the Mowitz (More widgets) library
mxml 2.3-1                        A small XML parsing library
nautilus-audio-convert 0.1-2    An extension of Nautilus that provides a
user-friendly way to convert several audio files
nautilus-share 0.7.1-1            Share files through Samba with Nautilus
nextaw 0.15.1-4                    neXtaw is a replacement library for the
Athena (libXaw) widget set
opcion 1.1.1-4                    A font viewer written in java
perl-gtk2-sexy 0.02-3            Perl/CPAN Module Gtk2::Sexy
php-gtk2 2.0.0beta-1                PHP bindings for gtk2
pydb 1.22-2                        Pydb - Extended Python Debugger
pyglet 1.0beta3-1                A pure python multimedia and game library
pygoocanvas 0.9.0-1                GooCanvas python bindings
qmmp 0.1.2-1                    an qt4 based audio-player,
rage                    A media center designed mostly for use
on a television hooked up to your pc via a remote control
shapelib 1.2.10-3                simple C API for reading and writing ESRI
shorewall-perl 4.0.5-1            perl compiler for shorewall firewall
siag-office 3.6.1-4                Siag Office is a tightly integrated, free
office package
visualboyadvance 1.7.2-5        An emulator for Gameboy and Gameboy Advance
warzone 2.0.7-1                    3D realtime strategy game on a future
winki 0.4.5-1                    Aims to be the easiest program for video
zaptel 1.4.6-1                    Zapatel Drivers for Asterisk
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