[aur-general] State of community64

Firmicus Firmicus at gmx.net
Fri Jan 4 05:56:36 EST 2008

Eric Belanger a écrit :
> Hi,
> I would to bring to your attention the current state of the x86_64 
> community repo. There are currently over 100 x86_64 packages 
> out-of-date compared to the i686 ones 
> (http://dev.archlinux.org/~andyrtr/pkg_diff.html) . Out of curiosity, 
> how many TUs with a x86_64 machine are active? More precisely, are you 
> checking the package diff list on a more or less daily basis to keep 
> the two repo in sync? I have the impression that I was pretty much the 
> only one doing that in the last few months.
> To help keeping the x86_64 repo in sync, I would recommend any TU 
> without an x86_64 machine to ask Aaron for access on his x86_64 build 
> machine. I'm not sure to what degree the packages can be tested on the 
> build machine but several devs and TU are already using it. 
> Nonetheless, if the build machine would be used, at the very least, 
> for arch-independent packages (e.g. i18n, docs pkg), perl and python 
> modules and non-critical packages (e.g. games, xfce-svn plugin, etc) 
> that would reduce the workload for the x86_64 TUs.
> I don't mind helping out with the occasional x86_64 build or with 
> problems/bugs only on x86_64.  But would like to reduce that to a 
> minimum as it's quite time-consuming.
> Eric

Hi Eric,

First, with respect to your previous posting: I am sure all TUs will 
share my sentiment that you have done great work as a TU. So we all say 

As a relatively new TU who runs Arch32, I must confess I have until now 
relied on other TUs to bring my pkgs to community64. Now I decided it 
was time to ask Aaron for access to his x86_64 build machine, which I 
just did. Since I maintain numerous architecture-independant packages I 
have also decided to modify the makepkg and communitypkg scripts (which 
I saved as makepkg64 and communitypkg64) in order to generate and commit 
architecture-indenpendant pkgs for x86_64 on my i686 machine (this was 
quite a trivial thing to do). I have just tested it with 
ttf-linux-libertine and ttf-inconsolata in [community] and it seems my 
uploads and commits were successful (I'd be glad if someone could 
confirm this!). So at least for such cases I won't need to access 
Aaron's machine. My scripts are available under 
http://ankabut.net/archlinux/scripts-for-arch-indep-community64.zip -- 
MAKE SURE though to ONLY use them on arch-independant packages!!! ;)

But I am really hoping to have a more flexible mechanism to handle 
non-binary packages with makepkg and pacman. There have been discussions 
about this in the past, namely to have the possibility to have arch=all 
in the PKGBUILDs, so that the generated packages can be commited for 
both i686 and x86_64 at the same time. Roman told me he add submitted a 
patch for pacman to precisely deal with this. I am looking forward to it.


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