[aur-general] Applying to become TU.

Mateusz Herych heniekk at gmail.com
Fri Jan 4 13:46:07 EST 2008


I`am Mateusz Herych, from Poland. I`am 17 years old and I started with Linux
3 years ago (with Arch 2 years ago).
I registrered in AUR in December 2006, partition is my login there.  One of
my packages has been moved to [community] repo (skype-staticqt). Now I`am
maintainer of 15 PKGBUILDs there. Most of them I using by myself.  I have
some knowledge with C, C++, PHP and bash. I have experience with other
project (SCXD - http://scxd.info) where I was a developer.
My English is average (I have few gramatical problems, but I understand

Why I want to become Trusted User?

Currently I`ve installed Arch on more than 20 machines (many of them are at
my school,  unfortunately all of them are x86 :( ).
I want to give something to this distribution. When I become TU I will move
many of my packages to [community] repo, but I will adopt some packages like
ircii-pana or idesk. Yes, I know that there are no new versions of them, but
many people are using it yet.

I`am trying to help other people on IRC (mostly on Polish channels and
networks, but I talking on #archlinux at FreeNode too. My nick is Part`
there.). I translated some news from http://archlinux.org to
http://archlinux.pl. I promote Arch Linux in my community.

So, I`am looking for someone want be my sponsor. Feel free to ask, if you

Regards, Mateusz.
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