[aur-general] orphaned packages in community

Firmicus Firmicus at gmx.net
Mon Jan 7 06:15:51 EST 2008

Ronald van Haren a écrit :
> Hi all!
> I just took a look at the orphaned packages in community. I must say, 
> they are quite a few (68, I added the full list at the end of this mail).
> If any of these belong to you and you did forget to adopt it after 
> uploading, please do so now.
> If you did upload one of these and lost interest in it, please move it 
> either to unsupported or post it in this thread so someone else can 
> adopt it.
> In about a week time I will post the remaining list of orphaned 
> packages at that time, so anyone interested (or needed as a dep) can 
> adopt one of those. The rest I will move to unsupported a week or so 
> after that. If you think the time schedule I mentioned is too short, 
> please let me know so I can change it.
> Best regards,
> Ronald
> The full list of 68 orphaned packages in community:
> <...>

I have just orphaned all of xterminus's packages: so the list is now 
much longer ;)

I repeat the question I asked before: is there a way to move a bunch of 
pkgs from community to unsupported other than the painstaking method 
described in the wiki [*]?

I also repeat this request, since none of the following orphaned pkgs 
have been adopted yet:
> perl-convert-asn1 is a dependency of perl-ldap (maintained by Sergej)
> perl-crypt-simple > checkgmail (dtw)
> perl-curses and perl-curses-ui > yfklog and yfktest (bfinch)
> perl-net-ipv6addr < gresolver (Sergej)
> So Sergej, dtw and bfinch, I suggest that you adopt the above pkgs




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