[aur-general] Applying to become TU.

bardo ilbardo at gmail.com
Wed Jan 9 04:59:02 EST 2008

2008/1/5, Ronald van Haren <pressh at gmail.com>:
> Okay, I will sponsor Mateusz. This will start a five day discussion period.

I have a question for Mateusz. I noticed that you review your packages
pretty often to correct mistakes and such. This is good. However, the
great majority of your packages show pkgrel=1, and I seem to
understand that you don't always update that variable.

Take ekg2 as an example. It is currently at 0.1.1. You updated to 0.1
on 2007-08-21, then you updated it again on 2007-10-04 (to 0.1.1, I
suppose, since this version was released in September). Finally, the
page shows two PKGBUILD fixes in January, but $pkgrel is still 1.

The same applies to other packages of yours. Obviously, I have no way
to see if your updates introduced "real" changes (like a change in
configuration options, or adding/removing files) or they were just
"cosmetic" changes, but anyway, can you explain this?


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