[aur-general] REMOVAL: Discussion Period for sergej

Benjamin Andresen bandresen at gmail.com
Thu Jan 17 07:01:57 EST 2008


"Sergej Pupykin" <pupykin.s at gmail.com> writes:

> I really do not understand why you discuss count of my packages and why I
> should move some of them to unsupported.
As an onlooker, I understood the reason. Let me try to see if I can tell
you how I feel about it: I think the risk of running into a 2nd AUR
disaster are big.
Plus, I don't doubt your good intentions when you maintain that much
packages, but reality is just that not many people have more than 600
packages installed, let alone from community.
So deducing from that I would say that you just _can't_ maintain all of
them with the same dedication as someone that only has 30 or so.

> Not only I have community packages with low votes.
Well, percentage wise, even without looking, I suspect you take the pot.

> Let us make _exact_ rules when TU can move package to community and when can
> not.
Let us not. This isn't supposed to be a job droids to, it's supposed to
be fun.
Use common sense is the only thing people ask for, and people can't
understand why you insist on holding onto so many packages.

> Constructive way, I think, is notify me about problems (which already done
> in this thread) or make _exact_ rules and make ALL TUs (not me only) execute
> it.
I hope that was constructive. Don't try to be superman, we know the
endgame. (I'm referring of course to the 1st AUR disaster. ;-))


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