[aur-general] [REMOVAL] Discussion period for nesl247

JJDaNiMoTh jjdanimoth at gmail.com
Sun Jan 20 06:28:36 EST 2008

Nesl, this officially marks the discussion period for your removal
as a Trusted User.

* You disappear ( and haven't vote ) since October;
* Anyone know where you are ( any response on [who has seen him] thread)
* Seems that you have resigned ( in chat.. lol )

For this paragraph of TU Bylaws
There is one special case for removal, removal due to unwarranted and
undeclared inactivity, for which standard voting procedure deviates
from the above. This motion is also automatically triggered by repeated
quorum offenses, as described in the Quorum subsection of this
document. For this special case, SVP is followed with a discussion
period of three days, a quorum of 66%, and a voting period of 5 days.

I open the three day discussion period.

JJDaNiMoTh - ArchLinux Trusted User
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