[aur-general] orphaned packages in community

Ronald van Haren pressh at gmail.com
Mon Jan 21 16:54:19 EST 2008

First a question (it has already been asked twice, though i've not
seen an answer), it may get lost if I put it at the end of the

Is it possible to move these packages to unsupported/remove them in
another way as described in the wiki (you see it will take quite a
while that way) ?

Time for the updated list. I tried to categorize them a bit.

First the packages which should remain in [community] because of
dependencies. Please adopt them if your name is behind it:
shapelib 1.2.10-3 (dtw (gen2shp&gpsmanshp), bfinch(xastir))
shorewall-perl 4.0.5-1 (dtw, shorewall)
freetype1 1.3.1-4 (sergej, w3cam)
adns 1.4-1		(snowman (will you adopt it?))

>From Molok's packages, I though I've read somewhere on dev-public it
will be moved to [extra] in time, though I can't find the message now.
The packages I mean are (any1 willing to adopt them?):
smplayer 0.5.62-1
smplayer-themes 0.1.14-1

The original list of orphaned packages which are not adopted yet and
are not required by any other community/dev package (they will move to
aoeui 1.0.0-1
asterisk 1.4.5-1
basilisk 1.0-4
bitterbpp 1.6-4
byzanz 0.1.1-4
childsplay 0.85.1-2
childsplay-plugins 0.85.2-1
fvwm-themes-devel 0.7.0-3
gtubeclock 0.9.1-3
haskell-binary 0.2-1
kdedecor-crystalgl 0.8.1-1
kdenlive-svn 1727-1
libggi 2.2.2-1
libgii 1.0.1-2
libpq++ 4.0-2
lirc-xmms-plugin 1.4-1
mowitz 0.3.1-1
obmenu 1.0-3
openbox-themes 1.0.1-2
php-gtk2 2.0.0beta-1
pyglet 1.0beta3-1
siag-office 3.6.1-4
winki 0.4.5-1
xen 3.1.2-2
zaptel 1.4.6-1

The e17 packages will be removed altogether, for reasons I described
in that other thread. Whenever e17 comes into beta (if it will ever)
it is time to have these kind of packages around. The list:
e17 (will be removed, e17-cvs is now in community)
e 0.16.999.039-1

Remaining packages from Molok (will be moved to unsupported)
Packages from MOLOK:
ddclient 3.7.3-1
fpconst 0.7.3-1
gnu-efi 3.0a-2
gpomme 1.12-1
lxmusic 0.1.1-2
lxpanel 0.2.4-2
lxsession 0.1.1-3
mairix 0.21-1
netwmpager 1.11-1
pommed 1.12-2
python-soappy 0.12.0-5
refit 0.7-3
sux 1.0.1-1
xkbset 0.5-2

Packages from Dejari (will be moved to unsupported):
awesfx 0.5.0d-2
dejagnu 1.4.4-1
klogoturtle 0.6-2
libggimisc 2.2.1-2
libgiigic 1.1.1-2
man2texi 0.01-2
sidplay 1.0.9-1
zsh-lovers 0.5-1

Packages from Stiat (will be moved to unsupported):
codeblocks 1.0_4696-1
cupsddk 1.1.1-2
doxygenfilter 1.01-2
gtk-recordmydesktop 0.3.7-1
hwinfo 13.48-1
kdvdauthorwizard 1.4.6-2
kftpgrabber 0.8.1-1
kima 0.7.4-3
kio-sysinfo 1.8.2-2
qsvn 0.6.0-1
qt-recordmydesktop 0.3.7-1
rapidsvn 0.9.4-1
soundkonverter 0.3.6-1

Packages from Zeus (will be moved to unsupported):
dellfand 0.8-1
linuxdcpp-ru 070717-1
microdc2 0.15.6-1
qdevelop 0.24-1
qsa 1.2.2-2
rafkill 1.2.3-2
rb_libtorrent 0.12-3
sdcv 0.4.2-1
slurm 0.3.3-1
tweak 0.2.2-1
uucp 1.07-1

Package from Zeus which should be removed (uses -git now):
weechat-cvs 20070805-1

Please everyone check if there is any package left you would like to
adopt. The move of packages will start somewhere at the end of the
week (the e17 packages may be removed before that).

Please also check for any errors I made in the list.

ps. If you are bored, read the list again ;) Let's all try to keep
[community] a bit cleaner in the future (we can have an orphaned
package thread once in a while if needed).

Thank you all


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