[aur-general] orphaned packages in community

Ronald van Haren pressh at gmail.com
Mon Jan 28 04:07:10 EST 2008

Yesterday I moved all packages from the orphan list, including all
packages in [community] owned by stiat, dejari and zeus to
unsupported. Molok's packages have been moved to unsupported a few
days ago by someone else.

So, if not done yet, the CVS accounts of stiat, dejari, zeus, and
molok can be removed.

Remains the few packages that need to be adopted in [community].
Please do so, I've already been asking this a couple of times.
These packages are:

adns 1.4-1		(swiergot (liboop) OR sergej))
freetype1 1.3.1-4 (sergej (w3cam))
helixplayer (snowman said he will either update it or move to unsupported)
libpq++ (dsa (pgadmin3))
python-pysvn (dsa, you just uploaded it, just a notice you still need
to adopt it)
shapelib 1.2.10-3 (dtw (gen2shp&gpsmanshp), bfinch(xastir))
shorewall-perl 4.0.5-1 (dtw (shorewall))

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