[aur-general] Replaced packages still in community

Allan McRae mcrae_allan at hotmail.com
Wed Jan 30 07:10:07 EST 2008

Well avoiding doing work today, I noticed a few packages still in 
community that were replaced by other packages.  In some cases this was 
long ago...  Here is a possibly non-exhaustive list:

lmctl (codemac - replaced by lomoco from v1.0-1 [2006-05-05])
ruby-qt (dsa - replaced by ruby-kde from v3.4.92-1 [2006-06-13])
em8300-cvs (swiergot - replaced by em8300 from v0.16.0_rc6 [2006-11-26])
python-ctypes (dsa - replaced by python from v2.5-3 [2007-03-18])
libgtk-java (sergej - replaced by java-gnome from v4.0.5 [2008-01-06])

Some of the older replacements only used "replaces" and not "provides" 
but anything requiring them should be updated by now.  java-gnome uses 
the provides/replaces strategy.

Is there any reason that these are still in the repository or can they 
be removed?


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