[aur-general] TU application

Anders Bergh anders1 at gmail.com
Tue Jul 1 18:05:25 EDT 2008


I'd like to apply to become a Trusted User. I talked to Angel Velásquez (angvp)
on IRC and he said he would be my sponsor. I've used Arch Linux since early 2006
and Linux since 2001. I've also been doing some work on Arch Linux PPC,
mainly been trying to keep the packages that I use up to date, but I've also
been working on tools to make it easier to do so... but I haven't yet
completely figured out the best human-friendly way to see what needs updating
and rebuilding.

Currently I maintain packages related to the D programming language in the AUR,
and recently got permission for Arch Linux to distribute the D compiler. It's
closed source, however the front-end is open source and there are already
a couple of open source D compilers, however the gcc-based gdc is not very
maintained (doesn't work with gcc versions > 4.1) and the others are quite early
in development.

I used to maintain a small binary repository but I don't think a lot of people
actually used it. But I did get quite a bit of experience with the repository
tools and how to build packages. After adopting most of the D-related packages
I no longer needed to host my own.

I'm also quite interested in the Lua programming language, and I maintain a few
Lua packages and so far one got adopted by another TU into community.

I used to be a rabid Debian user but the one thing that annoyed me was how you
almost had to read a book in order to create your own packages. In Arch Linux it
was so easy to create them and that's the main reason I use this distribution.
I really like when things are simple!

My list of AUR packages: http://aur.archlinux.org/packages.php?K=Anders&SeB=m

Note that I haven't updated the gdc packages yet, I think they're kind of tricky
to install since the gcc makefiles aren't really helpful when you want to
install one frontend only.

About me: I'm Swedish and 17 years old. Most of my interests involve computers,
such as programming, IRC, games... it's a bit hard to think of all the things I
do because I often like to try new things. I'm currently focusing quite a bit on
web dev such as PHP and Django. I'm not much of a web design guy so it's mostly
the coding part that interests me.

My native language is Swedish, and I did English in school ever since 1st grade,
however most of my English is self taught because of all the time I've
spent on IRC
and other places on the Internet.

I have an Arch 64 installation so building 64-bit packages isn't a problem for


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