[aur-general] Integrity Check i686

Allan McRae allan at archlinux.org
Fri Jul 18 01:58:39 EDT 2008

Hi TUs,

I have run the repo integrity check script and filtered out the results 
for the community repo.  Please have a look through the list and check 
if any of your packages are involved.  

One thing to notice is the missing PKGBUILDs are from packages that were 
removed from the repos.  It appears that untagging the PKGBUILD removes 
the package from community repo but is not enough to remove the package 
from abs these days.  I will look into fixing that...


/community/kde/kplayer/PKGBUILD (fixed)
/community/system/mc-utf8/PKGBUILD (fixed)
/community/system/endeavour/PKGBUILD (fixed)

Duplicate PKGBUILDs
/community/lib/libotr/PKGBUILD vs. /extra/libotr/PKGBUILD (fixed)

Missing Dependencies
medit --> 'gcc-objc'
flumotion --> 'gstreamer0.10-libpng'
flumotion --> 'gstreamer0.10-vorbis'
flumotion --> 'gstreamer0.10-theora'
flumotion --> 'gstreamer0.10-ogg'
flumotion --> 'twisted-web'
jokosher --> 'gstreamer0.10-gnomevfs'
gnustep-gui --> 'gcc-objc'
kungfu --> 'gstreamer0.10-dvdread'
kungfu --> 'gstreamer0.10-mpeg2dec'
kungfu --> 'gstreamer0.10-libpng'
kungfu --> 'gstreamer0.10-theora'
exaile --> 'gstreamer0.10-gnomevfs'
exaile --> 'gstreamer0.10-gconf'
gnustep-base --> 'gcc-objc'
qtemu --> 'qt4'
gnustep-back --> 'gcc-objc'

Missing Makedepends
pandoc --> 'haskell-mtl'
pygoocanvas --> 'pygobject-doc'
gensplash --> 'klibc-beyond'

Unmet Dependency Provisions
fldigi-docs --> 'fldigi=2.10'
eclipse-ve --> 'eclipse<3.3'

Invalid Archs
luasql-mysql --> ppc
coxpcall --> ppc
copas --> ppc
premake --> ppc

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