[aur-general] TU Application

Jeff Horelick jdhore1 at gmail.com
Sun Jul 27 05:57:01 EDT 2008

My name is JD Horelick and i'd like to become a TU. I'm 23 and working
as a sysadmin for a decent-sized company (linux and windows stuff).

I first started with ArchLinux in early 2007 (if i had to guess) and
ever since then, i've loved it. I think pacman is quite possibly the
greatest package manager i've used and i think the PKGBUILD package
format is quite nice. I haven't done a crazy amount of development on
Arch, but i've been using linux since 1999 and i was a Debian
Developer for ~3 years (where i maintained 10-15 packages).

As a TU I will offer my knowledge, skills and time to improve my
favourite distribution and it's packages.
Some of my specific goals as a TU are:

 * Work on expanding the community repo (for example, clutter is in
community, but clutter-gtk, clutter-cairo and clutter-gtk are still in
AUR :(  ).
 * Make sure packages in AUR/community are working. For example, i
tried to build dpkg (i think...It's late) from aur a bit ago and the
URL changed, if i was a TU (and i will probably do this tomorrow
anyway), i would email the guy and say like: "Hey, please fix the 404
on your package or i'm going to take it over".
 * My goal is to upload, fix or update a minimum of 1 package a day.

In my free time I like...wait...I have free time? ahh...but seriously,
in my free time...Well...I'm a atypical computer geek...I like
watching me some movies/TV, playing video games...goin out and doing
some parkour...having fun. Oh, and tacos...Tacos FTW!

The final thing, Allan was so kind as to sponsor my application and
here is the list of packages i have uploaded to the AUR:
Let's start up the inquisition :P Any questions and suggestions will
be answered as quickly as possible (I'm usually around from 1PM EST to
5AM EST daily).

Thank you all very much. I very much hope to become part of the Arch team.

In case my AUR link gets buried/is hard to see:

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