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Sun Jul 27 08:10:43 EDT 2008

Hey JD and the gang;

One comment inserted below.

> Hi!
> My name is JD Horelick and i'd like to become a TU. I'm 23 and working
> as a sysadmin for a decent-sized company (linux and windows stuff).
> I first started with ArchLinux in early 2007 (if i had to guess) and
> ever since then, i've loved it. I think pacman is quite possibly the
> greatest package manager i've used and i think the PKGBUILD package
> format is quite nice. I haven't done a crazy amount of development on
> Arch, but i've been using linux since 1999 and i was a Debian
> Developer for ~3 years (where i maintained 10-15 packages).
> As a TU I will offer my knowledge, skills and time to improve my
> favourite distribution and it's packages.
> Some of my specific goals as a TU are:
>  * Work on expanding the community repo (for example, clutter is in
> community, but clutter-gtk, clutter-cairo and clutter-gtk are still in
> AUR :(  ).
>  * Make sure packages in AUR/community are working. For example, i
> tried to build dpkg (i think...It's late) from aur a bit ago and the URL
> changed, if i was a TU (and i will probably do this tomorrow
> anyway), i would email the guy and say like: "Hey, please fix the 404 on
> your package or i'm going to take it over".

How about something more like:

"I just found out the URL is no longer active in the <xyz> package." , and
then be polite by waiting until you hear back from the other TU. The "..or
I'm going to take it over. " sounds WAY too confrontational to me. If it
was MY PKGBUILD I would want a nice response and not one such as you
presented here.

More to the point; We have had such confrontational TUs in the past, and
they seem to fade away after awhile. Too often it was after leaving a wake
of damage. And no one seems happy about things when that happens. In the
mean time my email inbox is cluttered with back and forth emails
concerning trivial matters.

I am *sure* you will try not to do ANY if that, but perhaps the best way
to avoid being a problem is to ONLY commit to trying to do your best job
and not promise anything else.

As important or MORE important to having a good time as a TU is trying to
get along peacefully with the rest of us. FIRST AND FOREMOST being a TU
should be fun for you and the other TUs.

Well, this is the most I have said in a while. THANKS for reading this far.

Very best regards;

Bob Finch

>  * My goal is to upload, fix or update a minimum of 1 package a day.
> In my free time I like...wait...I have free time? ahh...but seriously,
> in my free time...Well...I'm a atypical computer geek...I like
> watching me some movies/TV, playing video games...goin out and doing
> some parkour...having fun. Oh, and tacos...Tacos FTW!
> The final thing, Allan was so kind as to sponsor my application and here
> is the list of packages i have uploaded to the AUR:
> http://aur.archlinux.org/packages.php?SeB=m&K=jdhore
> Let's start up the inquisition :P Any questions and suggestions will be
> answered as quickly as possible (I'm usually around from 1PM EST to 5AM
> EST daily).
> Thank you all very much. I very much hope to become part of the Arch
> team. Sincerely,
> JD
> In case my AUR link gets buried/is hard to see:
> http://aur.archlinux.org/packages.php?SeB=m&K=jdhore

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