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Sun Jul 27 23:59:52 EDT 2008

> I'm sorry, but i'm not going to do that. It was drama, it was a few
> years ago when i was younger and stupider. It's no longer an issue
> between myself and the parties involved so as i mentioned, i'm not
> going to bring it up and i very much hope this will be the last of the
> issue of if i was a Debian Developer or not. Let's just say i didn't
> want my name affiliated with Debian anymore when i left and leave it
> at that.

Hey JD and the gang;

No I am not intending to be "heaping it on" here, but alas I cannot let
this go without comment.

If you expected the TU community to not go and check your credentials
then, as you can clearly see, it did not work.

And since you brought this matter up without any prompting from any of
us, it is NOT your position to expect the scrutiny OR the discussion in
this matter to end now, (simply because you wish it to).

Best regards;

Bob Finch

P.S. What I read below is beneath comment. It saddens me that you wrote
this. More especially since it was in reply to your sponsor.

A short observation -> IMHO adding someone who appears so willing to be
confrontational is *NOT* doing the "right thing FOR THE COMMUNITY".

> Here's my honest, no BS opinion: There are currently only 27 TU's and
> 36 developers in this project. I have the skills to be a very capable
> TU. I more or less don't care if you vote for me to be a TU to be
> perfectly honest. It's not going to plague me in the morning that i
> didn't get enough votes. I only feel that i'd bring something useful
> to a community with currently a lot of ground to cover (~9600 packages
> in the AUR) and from what i can see, not enough people to cover it.
> Thanks
> I hope you all do the right thing FOR THE COMMUNITY.
> JD
> On Sun, Jul 27, 2008 at 10:58 PM, Allan McRae <allan at archlinux.org>
> wrote:
>> Jeff Horelick wrote:
>>> That would be a long story involving some "secretive" Debian Drama
>>> (between me and 2/3 other people via email/IM) that i'd really
>>> rather not pull into the mix.
>> But I'm afraid you are going to have to be a bit more specific about
>> you being an ex Debian developer if you want anyone to vote for you.
>> There is also no mention of you in the changelogs of gftp and conky.
>> This experience was a primary factor in my choosing to sponsor you
>> despite having few packages in the AUR.  With that being questioned,
>> your whole application is on very, very shaky ground, which is more
>> than a bit embarrassing for me as your sponsor.
>> Allan

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