[aur-general] packages for adoption

Roman Kyrylych roman.kyrylych at gmail.com
Tue Jun 3 10:56:41 EDT 2008

Hi again!

Thank you all for your replies! :-)

Here's the (commented) list of packages:

:: Unsupported ::
* 4l
* lightscribe
* lightscribe-labeler
* lightscribe-sdk
LightScribe support will have to stay in Unsupported
because the license doesn't allow redistribution (as I understand).

* abraca
* coyote
* esperanza-git
* kpdf2
* swiftfox-pentium2
* wterm
These packages are actually not mine,
another user has asked me to keep an eye on them half year ago,
some time ago he agreed that it would be good to orphan them

* cronolog
* cronolog-beta
* dav
* moe
* ndn - closed-source
* ndn-beta - highly unstable
* new-murrine-configurator - AFAIR it should replace murrine-configurator
  (it should have become official by now, but this should be checked)
* teapop

:: Community ::
* abyssws - closed source 32-bit only, may go to Unsupported
* agave
* audacious-docklet - dead
* audacious-itouch-control - no new version expected
* bakery
* balsa
* brasero + libburn + libisofs
* cherokee
* colorer - no new version for a long time, required for mc-colorer,
but is usable without it
* computertemp
* confuse
* eiciel
* esekeyd - no new version expected, not very useable 'cause runs
everything as root,
so special steps should be taken to make it work nicely with GUI apps
(see config I created)
* everygui - no new version is expected
* font-mathematica
* gdm-themes - licenses need to be reviewed, I've lost my local
PKGBUILD modification :-(
* gdmap - does not compile with recent gtk2 versions, no new version is expected
* gimmage - no new version for a long time
* gimmix - no new version for a while, but it was said that there will
be new major version with GUI overhaul
* glom - AFAIR it requires libgdamm for libgda 3.0 which is not stable
(not in Extra at least),
  that's why I haven't updated it yet (and had no time to dig further)
* gnochm
* gnome-commander
* gnome-schedule
* gnomebaker - was dead, then resurrected, but no new versions since then
* gpa
* gpg-crypter
* gshutdown - no new version is expected
* gstm - no new version is expected
* gtk2_prefs - no new version is expected
* gtvg
* gwget - needs regular patching of configure/makefiles to work with
the latest epiphany
* hal-cups-utils
* hardware-monitor - dead, doesn't work with lm_sensors 3, no patch is
known (=> Unsupported/remove)
* homebank
* iksemel
* iniparser - there is version 3 beta, but it should be a separate
package due to API change
  and existence of packages in Community that makedepend on it (e.g. isomaster),
  so this package should be left untouched
* isomaster
* kungfu
* libconfig
* libesmtp
* libgdamm
* libgtksourceviewmm
* libgtksourceviewmm2
* libnewt
* libxnvctrl - with each new nvidia driver it should be checked if new
version of NVControl exists (nvcontrol.h)
* link-monitor-applet
* mc-colorer - patched mc with highlighting provided by colorer, no
utf8 support, no new version for long time
* metakit
* mtpaint
* music-applet
* mxml
* nautilus-actions
* nautilus-audio-convert
* nautilus-locked-folder
* nautilus-open-terminal
* nautilus-share
* network-ups-tools - needs fixing
* opera-static
* parano
* partimage - probably some bugs exist, not sure
* pycups
* python-pychm
* rawstudio
* rlocate - needs update for 2.6.25, but doesn't do its job anyway
because LSMs are static since 2.6.24,
  no patch exists on Internet though it's a well-known issue,
  I was able to make it build and load, but not do the job
  (so move to Unsupported and wait for adventurous hacker to make it working)
* rlocate-utils - userspace companion for the above
* screenlets
* sensors-applet
* serpentine
* superswitcher
* system-config-printer
* tea
* tea-lite - cut down version of the above
  (note that the patch for libcurl removal is not needed when building
in a clean chroot)
* ttf-freefont - there were concerns about its quality (mainstream, not package)
* ttf-liberation
* urlgfe
* visitors
* vmoviedb
* vsftpd-ext - patched vsftpd with more features, useful for users of
Cyrillic charsets
* webfs
* wzdftpd
* xcursor-*

:: VirtualBox and (make)dependencies ::
* virtualbox-*
* dev86
* iasl
* xalan-c
Note: some of these are no longer needed since v1.6

:: will maintain by myself ::
* aspell-uk, openoffice-spell-uk, openoffice-uk - I'm Ukrainian ;-)
* hddtemp - abandoned, but still maintained by Debian and is very useful,
  from time to time new patches or db update arrives
* pessulus - looks like it is (or will be soon) integrated into Sabayon

Also, I'd like to maintain VirtualBox (though I won't be able to
update until this weekend)
unless there someone that has experience in building that beast wants
to grab it.
Due to Sun's downloading silliness - I think the source should be
stored on our ftp,
otherwise it gets downloaded with the huge filename.

If you are interested in maintaining some packages - just adopt them.
It won't be a problem for me to update those that will be left,
if new versions of them are not released frequently,
so don't feel it as your duty to grab all of them.

That's all.

Roman Kyrylych (Роман Кирилич)

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