[aur-general] New tool to automate Haskell package creation

Don Stewart dons at galois.com
Thu Jun 12 21:38:31 EDT 2008

Hey all,

Just a little announcement. A few of the Haskell fans have formed a
little dev group to work on and improve Haskell packages for Arch.

To start with there's an IRC channel

    #arch-haskell @ freenode

And the start of a packaging guide for Haskell on the wiki,


And a new tool has been written that automates the process of creating
PKGBUILDs from Haskell 'cabal' packages (those on hackage.haskell.org).
This has meant we've been able to rapidly ramp up creation of new
Haskell packages for Arch.

The cabal2arch tool lives here:


If you work on, or maintain Haskell packages, perhaps drop by the IRC
channel, so we can work out the final details for standard Haskell


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