[aur-general] Initial "haskell overlay" available

Allan McRae allan at archlinux.org
Wed Jun 18 21:50:14 EDT 2008

Don Stewart wrote:
> Hey all,
> A week ago I announced a group had formed to improve Haskell
> support in the Arch package system.
> One week ago, the Haskell on Arch story was rather sketchy, GHC had just
> been orphaned as a package from 'extra', and only half a dozen apps and
> libs were available in binary form. 20 or so extra Haskell packages were
> available in AUR.
> A week later, a lot has happened.


I have seen the plethora of haskell packages go into the AUR.  This is 
some really good work. 

> The next steps are to un-orphan GHC, and the other Haskell things Simo
> can't work on now, and to then ensure an appropriate core toolset is
> available in extra. Given we don't have a Haskell-expert dev now, advice
> on how to proceed here would be welcome.

Well, there are a couple of options here.  There could still be a dev 
who is willing to take this on.  There is a recruitment drive at the 
moment so one of the new devs may be interested.  Otherwise, ghc & happy 
etc, could be bumped down to community and a TU could maintain it.  
Perhaps even one of the "Haskell Task Force" leaders would like to be a 
TU and do this.


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