[aur-general] lzma

Firmicus Firmicus at gmx.net
Mon Mar 10 05:00:52 EDT 2008

Hi everyone,

The TeXLive project is considering using the lzma format instead of bz2 
for its next release, and I wondered whether it is supported by makepkg. 
It is not, as I expected. But to my suprise, there is not even a 
PKGBUILD for it in AUR/unsupported! I have thus just uploaded lzma-utils 
to [community]. In case some of you are interested, it is said to 
achieve 15% better compression rates than bzip2 while being 2 to 5 times 
faster. And decompression is nearly as fast as gunzip (see 


PS: A quick question: I have built a x86_64 package on Aaron's machine. 
What should I do to upload and commit it to the repo? Just "communitypkg" ?

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