[aur-general] perl 5.10.0 coming soon

Firmicus Firmicus at gmx.net
Mon Mar 17 18:27:00 EDT 2008

Hello all,

this message is primarily adressed at the few TUs who maintain perl 
packages in community (namely Sergej, Allan and bardo), but should also 
be read by everyone else contributing perl packages to AUR as well.

perl 5.10.0 – currently in testing – will soon be moved to core. Since 
this release implements a new "Perl Policy", there are some important 
changes in packaging that should be noted. Also, all packages that 
provide compiled libraries or that embed their own perl engine must be 
recompiled. Even better is to update ALL perl packages according to the 
new path scheme.

See http://ankabut.net/archlinux/perlcommunity/PKGBUILD-perl.proto for 
the new and simpler way to package perl stuff.

Since I had to do the job for my packages anyway, it was equally easy 
for me to update all PKGBUILDs at once. So Sergej, Allan and bardo can 
grab their new PKGBUILDs from


Note that these contain only the packages in lib. There are a few more 
that I have not touched:


These are left as an exercise to their respective maintainers ;)

Be sure to backup your old PKGBUILDs and to check carefully those I made 
(especially the depends array). Kevin – the perl maintainer – is going 
to notify us when he moves perl from testing to core. Then we should get 
busy building the packages and uploading them to the repo :)

Have fun,

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