[aur-general] Keeping community64 up to date

Collin adderd at kkmfg.com
Fri Mar 21 10:53:16 EDT 2008

In my opinion it should always email the package maintainer when someone 
leaves a comment about a package of theirs. It makes no sense not to.

olivier bordes wrote:
> I agree that the maintainer should always be informed about bugs, 
> enhancements and
> no change should be done without his agreement.
> Note that in my case, I try as often as possible to leave a comment 
> under AUR to
> the attention of the package maintainer.
> But this looks to be NOT sufficient as the maintainer may not read it,
> and you confirmed that it does not replace a mail directly sent to the 
> maintainer.
> Tell me why I thought that package maintainer was automagically 
> informed by
> these comments in AUR ???  ;)
> Olivier
> (my64)

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