[aur-general] Problems uploading i686 packages to community?

Firmicus Firmicus at gmx.net
Tue Mar 25 11:24:21 EDT 2008

Allan McRae wrote:
> More investigation shows that the perl-xml-libxml-common and 
> perl-libxml-common PKGBUILDs are exactly the same...  I have untagged 
> the one in folder lib/perl-libxml-common as it didn't match the pkgname.

Damned, this is getting confusing. I asked Sergej to rename perl-libxml 
and perl-libxml-common to perl-xml-libxml-common. I quote myself here:

> Since we are rebuilding our perl pkgs anyway, I thought we might as 
> well standardize the names of those few which are still not standard. 
> (The naming convention is this: if a CPAN distribution is obtained 
> from the tarball Foo-Bar-0.1.2.tar.gz then our package should be named 
> perl-foo-bar.)
> Sergej, could you please rename those two packages you have inherited 
> from xterminus?
> perl-io-gzip -> perlio-gzip
> (no pkgs in community depend on it AFAICS)
> perl-libxml and perl-libxml-common -> perl-xml-libxml and 
> perl-xml-libxml-common
> (perl-xml-atom and perl-xml-libxslt depend on perl-libxml, so be sure 
> to change the depends array for the former, and I'll take care of the 
> latter. You should also inform the maintainers of the packages xmltv 
> and shownews, which also depend on perl-libxml).

But I got no reply. Come on guys, we need some more synchronisation on 
these things!!!

OK, I've untagged perl-libxml and perl-libxml-common and I added the 
necessary provides, conflicts and replaces fields in the PKGBUILD of 
perl--xml-libxml and perl-xml-libxml-common. I'll also rename 
perl-io-gzip to perlio-gzip.


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