[aur-general] Keeping community64 up to date

Olivier Bordes olivier at obordes.com
Tue Mar 25 14:30:12 EDT 2008

Firmicus wrote:
> Allan McRae a écrit :
>> Jason Tarbet wrote:
>>> I agree.  It would definitely be nice to be informed if there is a 
>>> new comment about a package.
>> There is the notify button in AUR...
> Yes, and unless I am fabulating, it USED to work automatically, that 
> is, whenever one adopted a package, you would be automatically 
> notified. Now one has to do it manually. But correct me if I am wrong!
> F
Well, it seems not working. If you just add a comment, without hitting 
the notify button, then package owner is *not* notified.
At least, it did not worked for me.

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