[aur-general] AUR need a clean up?

Allan McRae mcrae_allan at hotmail.com
Wed Mar 26 02:06:39 EDT 2008

JaDa wrote:
> perl-archive-extract:  (local=0.24-1 aur=0.18-3)
> perl-ipc-cmd:  (local=0.40-1 aur=0.36-3)
> perl-locale-maketext-simple:  (local=0.18-2 aur=0.16-3)
> perl-module-load:  (local=0.12-1 aur=0.10-2)
> perl-module-load-conditional:  (local=0.22-1 aur=0.16-3)

These are now all provided by the main perl package - what do you mean 
by local with this?.  Now technically, newer versions of these packages 
could be installed in the vendor_perl(?) directory using AUR packages so 
I don't know if these should be removed completely.


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