[aur-general] Keeping community64 up to date

Allan McRae mcrae_allan at hotmail.com
Thu Mar 27 19:38:16 EDT 2008

JJDaNiMoTh wrote:
> Simply, at this point, with Aaron's building machine and some of us
> which have 32/64 bit hardware, I don't understand why there are ~ 150
> different packages from 32 to 64 bit community.
I think the best we can hope for here is ~130 differences, with lib32 
packages and i686 binary blobs.  The difference list was at >300 three 
days ago....

> sergej: Most of these packages are yours. Remember the discussion that
> we had some months ago? You wrote that you're capable to maintain a
> large number of packages: and I know your skill, and I'm sure that you
> can do this: but please, try to sync 32 and 64 community.
I second that...  I build ~150 packages in the last two days and at 
least 120 of the were Sergej's.  This is a bit extreme due to all his 
perl packages but I think the point remains.

> Last last: What about dtw? We have a lot of his packages in community
> out-of-dated [1], in this page [2] seems he isn't a TU, but has 3 bug
> opened [3]. IMHO, the best is moving all his packages back to
> unsupported and close bug assigned to him.
I can remember him posting about inactivity just after becoming a dev 
and have only seem evidence of his presence intermittently after that.  
I updated his geany package the other day.

Can I just add, do we have a x86_64 TU who uses KDE.  There are several 
KDE packages waiting to be built but I am running out of bandwidth for 
the month and don't want to download all the dependancies.  Same goes 
for jdk. 


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