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Dragonlord dragonlord at seznam.cz
Fri May 2 06:30:17 EDT 2008

My name is Jaroslav Lichtblau and I live in Czech Republic. I'm 26 and
this year my study time will be over. 

I discovered GNU/Linux in year 2003. It took me about one year to learn
the basics and since then I'm using it solely - on my home PC and my NB.
Until now I went through Mandrake and Ubuntu. I was also trying out some
other distros, but wasn't quite happy. One year ago I heard some rumors
about ArchLinux and gave it a try. Since then I'm catched and forgot
about other distributions :) One of the reasons was AUR. Me and my
girlfriend used to play game named cuyo together pretty often. But
I didn't find it packaged in Arch. So after some time reading in the
wiki I was able to make my first working PKGBUILD for it and I had our
game nice packaged and installed in the system. Since then I am adopting
and contributing PKGBUILD because it's so much fun to me.

Besides of that, I do translate programs (osmo, epdfview, ...) into
czech because the subject of my studies is languages - german mostly,
but I can also talk/understand english, so let's use it.

As a TU I will offer my knowledge and time to improve my favourite
distribution and also the open source world, which gave me so much in
the last few years. I think I have also some nice packages like
subtitleeditor, cream, fillets-ng ... and cuyo :) which I would like to
add to the [community] repo. In the last time I watched closely on new
and updated PKGBUILDs, so I would be happy to do it further as a TU.

In my free time I like reading fantasy/sci-fi books. Knowing this, my AUR
login is obvious - Dragonlord. My irc and arch forum nick is drag0nl0rd.

The last thing, Allan is so kind to sponsor my application.
Let's start the trial :) any questions and suggestions will be answered.


My AUR packages:

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