[aur-general] [Inactivity notice] Dragonlord

Dragonlord dragonlord at seznam.cz
Mon May 19 04:38:07 EDT 2008

as I wrote in my TU application, my study time will be over this
summer. I do have some last exams and duties connected with it. So
there are going to be some inactivity notices from my side.
This is the first one, I will be 1 week hard working for the Uni,
inactive in these days 20-27.5.08.

wish me luck :)
Jaroslav (Dragonlord) Lichtblau

earthquake n. 

 [IBM] The ultimate real-world shock test for
   computer hardware.  Hackish sources at IBM deny the rumor that the
   Bay Area quake of 1989 was initiated by the company to test
   quality-assurance procedures at its California plants.

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