[aur-general] TU Application

Ronald van Haren pressh at gmail.com
Tue May 20 17:09:27 EDT 2008

Hi Angel,

I saw at one of your PKGBUILDs you only have i686. Is that true, and
are if so are you willing to build for x86_64 on a build machine (well
at least if it will be fixed or another solution is found)?

Do you have any fields you want to focus your work on, or will you
just take popular packages if you become a TU?

A couple of remarks after a quick look on your PKGBUILDs:
*gpl licenses should read GPL not gpl (yes I know very minor)
(package: archive,volleybal)
*don't create files from within a PKGBUILD but rather add it as an
extra file (example: archive)
*your pkgdesc in haskell-mersenne-random is a bit long (it reads 3
lines on my laptop screen)
*why do you introduce a custom variable in haskel-mersenne-random, it
makes it harder to read and I see no clear advantage of using it?
(same for haskel-zlib)
* license is an array (package: istanbul, lucview)
*you can use the !libtool option to remove .la files (package:splashy)
*you can remove empty fields to make to make it better readable
(package: volleybal)
*I think you made a typo in the source array of mantis?

Don't worry too much about the list, those are mostly minor things.

Good luck in becoming a TU.

Best regards,


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