[aur-general] LXR -- Linux Cross Reference

zhengyi goodmenzy at gmail.com
Sun Nov 2 21:49:03 EST 2008

  I fight for LXR this weekend. And the final result works!
  The AUR is here:

  Some words must be said:
  1) This package is not based on the original source code.
     There are bugs in the original codes. So I copy the 
     codes from a Debian package.
  2) This package will not download Any source. In addition to PKGBUILD,
     one must download lxr-cvs-0.9.5.tar.gz from the AUR dir.
  3) You should read the readme file in /usr/share/docs/lxr-cvs/examples
     before you use the package.
  4) I'm not happy to maintain this AUR, because I'm not an expert of 
     Apache+MySQL+Perl+CGI+ ...... 
     If anyone wants to adopt it, I'll give it to you gladly.
  5) Thanks for Debian group!
  6) I don't think it is necessary to develop LXR in the future.
     LXRNG --- LXR next generation, is on it's way. I suggest those who
     are enthusiasm to contribut to LXR should develop an AUR of LXRNG.



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