[aur-general] Support for Sierra Wireless AirCard 881

Amanai amanai at freenet.de
Thu Nov 6 19:33:57 EST 2008

Need some help Support Sierra Wireless AirCard 881?

The Sierra Wireless AirCard 881 provides enhanced mobile broadband  
performance to keep you connected with access to email, the Internet, and  
business applications while on the go. The Sierra Wireless AirCard 881  
provides the latest technology based upon the global standard for wireless  
- GSM. Best yet, the Sierra Wireless AirCard 881 works seamlessly across  
AT&T's 3G BroadbandConnect and EDGE networks providing you the perfect  
combination of performance and coverage. The AirCard 881 is simple to  
set-up and use so that you can stay connected whether traveling across  
town, the U.S., or the world.

The application and howto can be found here. The drivers provided in the  
Download section below are freeware; you can redistribute them and/or  
modify them under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published  
by the Free Software Foundation.


What do I have to Install for Archlinux, to get my card run?

Is there any application supported by Archlinux for easy Install via
"pacman -S x..." ?

Is it possible that a Archlinux developer can maintaining this application?

I can't find any Infos at archlinux.org , no Wiki, no Hardware Info.

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