[aur-general] Gnu/GLOBAL 5.7.3 version

Evangelos Foutras foutrelis at gmail.com
Fri Nov 7 02:58:38 EST 2008

zhengyi wrote:
> I found the GLOBAL 5.7.3 in GNU. Would you please update your aur ? 


When you come across an outdated package, you can click the "Flag 
Out-of-date" button to make it known that a new version has been 
released upstream. Then, its maintainer (who is listed on the package's 
page) will come along and update it. In case the package has been marked 
as outdated for a while, you can try contacting the maintainer directly 
via email and if you get no response, bring the issue to this mailing list.

> I alwayse don't know the docs policy of Arch. Must I delete docs of a 
> package? Or to build another package only for docs ?

Documentation files are included in the main package, unless they are 
significant in size, case in which you may decide to split them.

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