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w9ya w9ya at qrparci.net
Mon Nov 10 12:58:01 EST 2008

On Mon, Nov 10, 2008 at 10:21 AM, Aaron Griffin <aaronmgriffin at gmail.com>wrote:

> On Mon, Nov 10, 2008 at 10:31 AM, w9ya <w9ya at qrparci.net> wrote:
> > 1 - I maintain an offshoot version of archlinux, derived from faunos,
> called
> > "shackstick". It is used and is becoming quite popular amongst the ham
> radio
> > community. It is packaged as a whole and the user does NOT download
> packages
> > or even is part of the arch linux community, so NO votes are taken. Yet
> it
> > uses over 25 of my packages that would seem to otherwise be without
> votes.
> Just to point out a flaw here. Users of these packages are not
> ArchLinux users. They are shackstick users. So votes don't make sense
> for ArchLinux. These packages would not make sense in an ArchLinux
> repo, on an ArchLinux server, for use by 1 or 2 ArchLinux users, and a
> few hundred users of another distribution. So, in the case you have
> outlined, the voting is working perfectly as intended.

A valid point IF the voting system was in some form of mandatory issuance.
At it is currently constituted however, it is used by exactly how many users
? Since using the voting system requires several steps for the user to go
through, and is NOT required, so I think it is a BIG stretch to suggest that
the numbers have any significant meaning. Heck do we even (truly) KNOW how
many users are voting, do we ? So far, I would doubt it is used by any
significant user base !!

i.e. Goggle earth is a VERY important program, and if archlinux has 5000
users (Let's say that is the number as I have no idea what it really is...)
then am I to believe that only approx. 8 percent of the users have any use
for it and therefore the others are NOT using it ?

Further do we have ANY idea how many of the packages in the extra repo are
being used as a percentage of user base ? <- i.e. Is there another metric
being used than we can point to as a basis for statistical analysis ?

Anyways, I *know* that with the very little sleep last night I am NOT in the
best of moods, and you guys are getting the brunt of that. *** However, we
should all endeavor to remember that the imperatives of the TU system were
specifically designed to be ENTIRELY different than those of the dev-based
work. As such, I hope we all can at least agree that the TU system merely
becomes more like a chore than the fun thing it was designed to be because
(after all,) it would ONLY be a dev-light training ground instead of the all
encompassing environment that archlinux has perfected and NO OTHER distro
can say it has. And thereby NO OTHER distro can point to the success of it's
user community contributing like arch can say with a well earned pride. i.e.
Users can work at many different levels, goals, work styles, desires and the
current TU system should be able to accommodate them !!

Really, I am quite serious about this, NO OTHER distro offers this uniquely
styled resource. And it was able to be styled because the people that came
before and set this up asked what the goals were FIRST, and then were able
to properly gauge what solutions might work best.

i.e. Please do not seek to solve one problem and with the consequences mess
up this source of fun, enjoyment and pride. Put a straight jacket on a
problem that might be solved another way is to put unneeded restrictions
that WILL have negative consequences on a system that was designed to be

Best regards;

Bob Finch
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