[aur-general] Packages in Community and votes.

Daenyth Blank daenyth+arch at gmail.com
Mon Nov 10 17:32:06 EST 2008

> In a different matter, we have had a discussion last year about a possible
> limit to the number of packages each TU should be allowed to maintain in
> community, but we could not reach any agreement on this. Perhaps time is
> ripe to discuss this issue once more.
I'd rather try to keep discussion points separate. FWIW though I am
against any hard and fast rules for this. We can talk it over though.

I'd like anyone with further points to add them to here:

This is so that we can better structure the upcoming TU meeting. I'll
work on sorting things out as I go.

On that note, what are the exact problems we face now? I would say
that there are at least 2, though they're closely related:
1) The server is being strained (what parts exactly?) by the community repo.
2) TUs don't seem to be paying attention to the community's need for
packages they upload, which wastes resources.

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